Getting Started

Wed, Aug 7, 2019 2-minute read

I bought this domain a couple of months ago.

It was sort of a gift to myself, a venue for sharing my passion for gardening with interested parties for a change. I have a tendency to brain dump my accumulated gardening knowledge to anyone asking a relevant horticultural question. Sometimes people actually enjoy this knowledge, sometimes their minds are fully blown, and sometimes they are just being polite.

I’ve written three or four posts, and even recorded a couple of podcasts. I’ve also deleted three or four posts, and erased a few podcasts.

I’m sure its equal parts impostor syndrome and fear of failure holding me back. But gardening is something I’m passionate about, something that matters deeply to me. I know things, and I want to know more things, and I want to share those things. I want to share the things I know because i’m tired of seeing our society become increasingly plant blind.

Plant blindness is a thing, a real thing, here is a really good Ted Talk about that. Its a problem because people can live in a house for years and not name a single plant or bush in their yard. Its a problem because teachers lack the tools to fuel any interest in plants their students might have. And its a problem because those kids aren’t demanding plant science and botany programs from their colleges so we don’t have the people we need to keep things going.

So I’m going to start writing.

But I’m writing this to tell you to get started.

Start growing, start learning, start discovering. Don’t wait to start your first garden, get some plants in the ground or in a pot and see if you can keep them alive. If you want to brush up on your plant ID skills start finding plant ID charts and figuring out what plants you have growing in your own landscape.

Whether the cure for your own personal plant blindness is gardening or just taking nature walks its fairly cheap to get started. A pack of seeds and some compost is pretty affordable, and repays in fairly short order. Hiking is basically only as expensive as you want it to be. There are some excellent plant ID guides that won’t break the bank out there.

Please take the first step. I’ll be around to help.