State of the Podcast

State of the Podcast

I haven’t uploaded, or in reality created, a new episode of Tea Jay’s Garden in over a year. It nags at me.

I have lots of great excuses though! I have young kids, I care for my parents, I’ve gone back to school for my BS in Horticulture, and I’ve been gardening! All of these things are true, they do consume any time they are able to, and most people can understand why they’d slow me down.

But it still nags at me.

It shouldn’t. The world probably doesn’t need another bearded white nerdy dude making a podcast. And its not like there aren’t currently lots of great podcasts about gardening out there. But they aren’t particularly focused on the things I care about.

Other people seem to care about the same things I care about. Its not like I have some massive audience, but I get between 20 and 60 downloads a week on a podcast I haven’t made anything new for in over a year, and I had another gap of about a year before that.

So I’m trying to find the space for it in my schedule. Because someone clearly enjoys the biohackers, birders, urban horticulture, community gardens, and amateur breeding projects.

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