Progress, but not really…

Progress, but not really…

Well I’ve made some progress. I’ve changed the podcast art to a snazzy AI generated cyberpunk synthwave bumblebee by Welsh Pixie over on Mastodon. I’ve added a new description of the podcast to the buzzsprout page:

“Once there was a little boy who read stacks of gardening books, filled his parents back patio with potted plants, and cornered anyone he could to tell them about alternation of generations, parasitic plants, and wasp seducing orchids. He never grew up. This is his podcast. Horticulture, Humanism, and Anarchy.

Oh and that link at the bottom? its a handy dandy link tree like page.

Yup lots of progress. No recording though, so no real progress. Mostly just busy work to make myself feel like I’m making progress. Still finding it hard to actually sit down and do it after I get the kids to bed. I Just finished a quarter and have a week before the next though so fingers crossed.

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