Bugs!!! June 2022,

Bugs!!! June 2022,


I’m back! I’ve finally gotten myself back to doing this podcast, and I decided to start with bugs. “True” bugs. All those pesky sap suckers that plague our plants. The new Podcast art is a AI Neural Net’s cyberpunk “Retro-wave” interpretation of a bumblebee on a Hollyhock. This was generated by Welshpixie – https://mastodon.art/@welshpixie who’s a great artist over on Mastodon. I’m on Mastodon as Troy the Gardener – https://kith.kitchen/web/@Capheind. If you subscribed during my long hiatus I’d like to thank you, seeing my nearly abandoned podcast get around 30 downloads a week kept me interested in coming back.

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The order Hemiptera at the Discover Life website. A great overview of the order.
The order Hemiptera from the Australian National Science Agency that breaks down the Suborders.
A squash bug article with a good picture of the egg clusters.
A University of Wisconsin extension article about Scale Insects.
The Lost Ladybug project, with some info on Ladybugs as well as details on the loss of native species in the United States.

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