Getting your plants through a Heatwave.

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Its 102 Degrees here today (Pics), which is pretty typical of my summers here in Bakersfield. It got me thinking about gardening in extreme heat. In this episode I’ll explain why amaranth does just fine in high heat, why your wilting plants are probably fine, a bit about the wonderful world of Photosynthesis, and why you should pour beer on your plants. 

The “Greek Cucumber” I mentioned several times in the episode is Xylangouro Cucumber Melon, which I picked up at Baker Creek Seeds . The Red Amaranth was Red Leaf Vegetable Amaranth which I got from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. You can find my interview with Craig Lehoulier from my Right Here! Ive already covered some of the compact varieties im growing Over Here. If you want to learn a bit more about Photosynthesis the Khan Academy has a decent primer on the subject.

Thanks for listening.

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