Gardening is for everyone! It can bring people together, aid in our hour of need, and make every day a little better than the one before. With some basic science, a little humanity, and a touch of community you can make it happen. You can do this, We can do this.

The Podcast

Hosted on buzzsprout, each episode is a deep dive and breakdown of variouse gardening topics. Tea Jay’s Garden 2.0 starts at Seed Starting Special.

The Blog

Currently the blog is mostly just content that I wanted to get out, but that didn’t quite fit as a podcast episode.

About the Project

Tea Jay’s Garden is my attempt to virtually open my garden to you. To provide evidence based garden praxis and resources to help you keep growing. As of 2021 I"ve soft rebooted the project as Tea Jay’s Garden 2.0, I’m putting more of myself into the project and holding less back.

A squash plant and a Lawn Gnome